Atelier Cologne


All that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes...

Merging the best of both worlds - the freshness of a cologne, the power of a perfume.

Citrus essential oils are fresh, but they are unfortunately evanescent. It takes Atelier's alchemy to create a unique formula average oil concentration of 18% that preserves the freshness, elegance, and transparency of a cologne while offering the exceptional long-lasting power of a Pure Perfume.

Atelier Cologne constructs each Cologne Absolue following three distinct principles :

  • A star ingredient, the most powerful note, which gives the perfume its name.
  • An overdose of citruses, adding elegance and freshness while brightening the formula.
  • A blend of the highest quality raw materials adding unique and unexpected character, ensuring long-lasting power.

Powerful memories and treasured emotions are the genesis of each Atelier Cologne perfume. Each perfume’s universe stimulates an incredible voyage of the imagination, in which Cologne lovers become the main characters.