The most universally loved fragrance and flavor, vanilla in its purest, freshest form has captivated Danielle Raynor, Lavanila's founder, throughout her life. When she began her journey to create healthy skincare and fragrances, she discovered that some of the world's finest vanilla comes from Madagascar, where it is called Lavanila. As her formulations developed, many of them included vanilla, not only for its rich, sweet, luxurious fragrance but also for its anti-oxidant properties and aromatherapy qualities of soothing and comforting. Seeming to embody so much of what Danielle was trying to accomplish, she thought it the perfect name for her company. Today, natural vanilla is an ingredient in many of our products, and we still marvel at the wealth of benefits found within that funny looking bean that symbolizes the Lavanila mission. And it's anything but plain.