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Masterful compositions of scents, men's fragrance Gendarme and women's Carrière are inventions of a respected fragrance marketer and leader in the industry, Topper Schroder.  At first merely a consumer of fragrances Topper found himself on a quest to find cologne he could wear with pride, but without annoying skin irritation or asthmatic reactions. After searching the department store and men’s counters everywhere without success, he decided to develop a cologne to his specifications. With no professional fragrance background, Topper became a quick study in the art and surrounded himself with expert guidance. While his fragrance mentor was able to make introductions, many at first saw Topper as someone going to a lot of trouble to satisfy a self-defined market of one. That uncompromising quest, defying conventional wisdom, has now brought Gendarme a loyal following that includes A-List Hollywood celebrities.