Curate your fancy...
Conceived from a whimsical bet to replicate a quaint Lake Como boutique in America, Piana is a throwback to an "ancient" time when shopping meant an intimately personal, tactile experience of discovery. Now a cosmopolitan curator of exquisite beauty brands from around the world, Piana is more a beauty exhibit than a retail proposition, staging its collection of cult beauty brands in an evocative architectural setting that echoes Lake Como villas, punctuated by a dramatic boat suspending from its ceiling. In a word, Piana is a beauty voyage. It's an artful invitation to discerning clients, who will find small joy in our small delectable collection, in the impish flora of Fornasetti candles, in Mad Madame of Juliet Has a Gun, or in the "modern alchemists" of D.L. & Co.